Pearl Harbor, HI


A candiate must have, as a minimum, a current Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) certificate from an accredited national, state or military trained equivalent school. They shall have and maintain an active, valid, current, unrestricted license (with no limitations, stipulations or pending adverse actions) to practice nursing as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) in a US jurisdiction. Shall have provided LPN services in the specialty clinical service area for at least 12 months within the past 36 months. Knowledge of standard nursing care principles, procedures, and practices. Knowledge and skill in cardiopulmonary resuscitation used to initiate resuscitation measures when necessary and assist medical team in providing support measure. Knowledge of pharmaceuticals, their expected beneficial effects, and potential side effects. Possess the ability to perform infection control procedures. Knowledge of emergency medical procedures..  


The duties of a candiate would include but are not limited to the following:
Serves as a practical nurse performing patient care and nursing administrative duties for outpatients in accordance with established policies, procedures, protocols, and guidelines. Performs a variety of diagnostic procedures; sets up procedure room and equipment; provides individualized patient teaching on a preventative healthcare and health maintenance. Prepares and administers prescribed medications by oral, sublingual, intramuscular, intradermal, subcutaneous, topical, dermal and inhalation routes. Prepares and positions patient for examinations and treatments. Participates in in-services and continuing education programs. Establishes and maintains good interpersonal relationships with co-workers, families, peers, and other health team members. Ensure all equipment is properly cleaned and stored at the end of each work shift. Ensure preventive maintenance and routine cleaning are performed as directed. Ensure a safe work environment and employee safe work habits. The nurse shall provide patients with the utmost care and attention. All patients shall be assured of their privacy and personal dignity. The nurse shall prepare all documentation to meet or exceed established standards of the MTF, to include, but not limited to, timeliness, accuracy, content and signature. Only MTF and Air Force-approved abbreviations shall be used for documentation of the patient health record.

Qualified candidates please contact us at 301-650-0047 or email us at jobs@destinymgmtsvcs.com