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US Department of the Army, Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

  • Clinical Administrative SupporT


Ginnie Mae

  • Compliance Mangement Reviews

US Department of the Treasury

  • Instructed classes nationally for federal employees

  • Perform soft skills training

  • Perform financial management training

U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Administration

  • Federal Management Oversight Compliance Reviews

U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration

  • Provide operational support of Research, Development & Technology (RD&T)

  • Provide mechanical support service

  • Managed Machine Shop

  • Sustain the operation of the in-house metal and plastic fabrication resources

US Department of Transportation, Maritime Administration

  • Developed a Database to Capture Analysis of Financial Statements

  • Analyzed Process for Evaluating Financial Statements Against Contract Requirements

  • Reviewed Financial Statements for ship owners for compliance with Maritime Administration regulations.

  • Proposed Process Improvements

US Department of the Navy, Navy Medical Research Center (NMRC)

  • Develop, implement, maintain compliance and training activities for the NMRC Human Subjects Protection Program

  • Provide guidance and counsel on incorporating compliance-related activities into the day-to-day operations

  • Ensure that records contain all documentation required by the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) regulations

  • Work closely with the Chairman, Institutional Review Board (IRB), NMRC, Director, ORA, the Institutional Review Board (IRB) key personnel and investigators to ensure compliance with laws and regulations promulgated to ensure the protection of human subjects in research

  • Perform analytical and evaluative work associated with program activities

US Department of the Army, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

  • Instituted compliance Management Control Plan

  • Performed Risk Assessment on each of 18 Divisions

  • Developed Methods to Mitigate the Risk in High-risk Identified Areas

  • Implemented Changes in Response to Public Laws (Anti-deficiency Act, Budget and Accounting Act)

  • Implemented Activity Based Cost (ABC) throughout the Institute

US Department of the Army, Walter Reed Army Medical Center

  • Facilitate Compliance with OCO Funding Requirements

  • Review all OCO Funding Requirements

  • Ensure Maintenance of Proper and Legal Stewards of Financial Resources

  • Maintain Appropriate Documents to Support the Committee’s Decision-Making Process

US Department of the Army, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

  • Developed Reimbursement Model to Support Animal Per Diem Rates

  • Perform Cost Analysis

  • Provide Recommendations to Enhance Operations and Achieve Efficiencies

US Department of the Army, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research

  • Instituting Activity-Based Costing System

  • Developing Management Concept

  • Implementing Program World-wide

U.S. Small Business Administration

  • Developed and managed Hub Zone website program

  • Data Warehouse, ETL

  • Database Design

  • Data Dictionary

  • Business Intelligence System

  • On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)

  • Help Desk


US Department of the Interior, Office of Chief Information Officer

  • Conducted Benefit Cost Analysis of Critical IT System

  • Conducted Industry Study to Identify Potential System Enhancements

  • Presented Findings to CIO

State of Maryland, Maryland Department of Transportation Subcontract

  • Instructed Managers, Approvers, and Employees in use of Electronic Time Entry System

  • Supported Electronic Tracking System Integration to MDOT Mainframe Architecture​

US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Office of Healthy Homes Lead Hazard Control

  • Developed a Tracking System for Reimbursement to Grantees

  • Made Proper Payments on Behalf of Agency

  • Developed Innovative Solution to Agency Business Problem

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