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Human Capitol Development & Training

Our Training Courses

Destiny organizes its entire training program around a skill-acquisition model, one that allows participants to enjoy “open access” to any and all courses, workshops, and seminars contained in our Destiny Training Manual.  This course catalog is organized into the key sections that allow our organization to logically group and sequence training options depending upon the exact “scope and sequence” of the curriculum content in each different course.  This arrangement fosters a “bridge curriculum” approach, one that ensures that training concepts presented in one seminar will be built upon  in the next seminar offered in that particular “curriculum group.” 

The following curriculum groups serve as the organizing factor for arranging the entire Destiny training options arrayed in over 100 courses and workshops:

Training options contained in this area include diversity awareness and management, building foundations for success, organizational change, DiSC workshop, job readiness  work life transition, as well as creating and working in ethical cultures, and sexual harassment.

Topics contained in workshops within this group include, team membership skills, and team leadership development, team dynamics and organizational change, as well as strategies for improving teamwork and team morale.

Workshops, seminars, and classes in this group include topics on basic supervisory practices, management behavior and employee development, supervisor and manager as mentor, coaching behaviors for managers and other leaders, facing and meeting the leadership challenge, as well as executive presentation skills.

DMS includes various financial management courses within its training stable, including OMB Circular A-123, OMB Circular A-133, OMB Circular A-134, Appropriations Law, and internal controls training.

Classes contained in this grouping are geared to providing participants with actual skills-based training in office applications that are useful for job functioning.  Topics include Microsoft Word 2007, Access I and II, PowerPoint, OneNote, Excel, and Publisher.

Everyone needs a certain skill set in order to communicate effectively within any business environment and the topics included in this group provide a solid foundation: business report writing, business case writing, effective tools for evaluating business cases, and business case modeling.

Curriculum Development

Destiny uses the Instructions Systems Design (ISD) curriculum development process which allows our organization to meet the exact criterion-referenced training objectives that any government department or agency might have. This process allows our curriculum specialists to gain a deeper understanding of an agency's culture, mission, and learning need(s) prior to our developing any training material. This ensures that Destiny includes salient material for agency-specific problem solving, role plays, and other types of work-related scenarios that provide workshops, classes, and seminars with actual job-related skill acquisition practice sessions. This methodology is used along with our guided group discussion method (in lieu of lecture format) so that optimal levels of skill attainment are realized in every training course, seminar, and/or workshop.

Human Resource Development

Destiny has a track record working with a wide range of Federal Government, state, and local governments, as well as private sector organizations in the development, facilitation, and instruction of curriculum options that include training classes, integrated curriculum packages, and professional development venues. Our organization has a complete training library of off-the-shelf courses, workshops, and seminars geared to the competency renewal and acquisition process for Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA) attainment. Our entire human capital development business line is predicated upon the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Leadership Competencies that are defined in the OPM Leadership Competency Model. These core competencies include a set of 27 competencies that are grouped into five clusters based upon similarity of importance and content.

Instructor Lead Training Design

We are adept at building training systems that ensure participant competency integration and internalization. Destiny uses a "guided discussion" format for topic introduction, concept internalization, and small group scenario feedback that is supported by adult learning theory and practice. This instructional strategy replaces the traditional lecture format in that it directly involves class participants in experiential, integrated concept analyses for individual and group content/concept comprehension.

Destiny also utilizes videotaping segments within selected workshop modules to reinforce "self-realization." This methodology will enhance individual and group skill acquisition regarding the concepts and practices associated with cross cultural communication dynamics. This method also allows individuals to directly "self-observe" demonstrated expressions/behaviors while obtaining corrective feedback from the class facilitator(s) and small group session(s) colleagues who observed these dynamics (often from a different perspective). In this manner, the classroom becomes a "learning laboratory" for skill attainment.

Training & Technical Assistant

Destiny has corporate experience working with a wide range of Federal Government agencies in the development, facilitation, and instruction of staff level, supervisory, managerial, and leadership development training courses. Many of these workshops have included business writing, effective communication skills, and technical writing for professional staff. We offer several off-the-shelf training venues related to writing/oral presentations including principles of communication dynamics, presentation and facilitation skills, as well as briefing techniques. Destiny also has existing courses in foundations of written communication dynamics, technical business writing, and persuasive business writing. Our training manual contains over 75 fully developed courses.

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