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Mangement Services

Grants Management

Our staff has experience in all aspects of the Grants Management process, including program development assistance, distribution of Requests for Applications, pre-screening of applicants, coordinating expert/peer review committees, post-award administration and tracking, and close-out services. Destiny provides proposal training and technical assistance to grantees.

Grants Electronic Management System (GEMS)

Destiny has developed a grants management system to support state governments and agency efforts to monitor, track, and report on grant activities.  The current system focuses on post award grant activities but the application process could be easily added to the system providing a complete end-to-end grants management system.  The Grants Electronic Management System (GEMS) was developed based on Federal grantee requirements as a result of many compliance reviews of Federally funded grantees including State Departments of Transportation, such as Georgia Department of Transportation, Connecticut Department of Transportation, Maryland Department of Transportation, and Detroit Department of Transportation. 


The system has the capacity to include analysis of performance measures, tracking of project milestones as well as interface with other business process systems.  GEMS provides grantees with a system to manage and report on grant activity.  The focus of the system is to administer, monitor, and execute all of the phases of the post award grants management lifecycle.  The system is robust enough to add the grant identification and grant application process easily.  The system is flexible enough to fit the needs of various customers, but provides the controls to meet reporting requirements of the government and other Grantors.  The system includes built in audit functions that will minimize risk.  GEMS will interface with many accounting systems and allows users to perform the following functions:


  • Enter grant profile, terms, and conditions;

  • Generate Grant Ledgers;

  • Reconcile expenditures to the general ledger;

  • Define the system business rules (i.e. budget, begin/end dates, funding percentages, activity line items);

  • Upload expenditures and data entry of funding information;

  • Reconcile payments to the corresponding grants;

  • Compare expenditures to the grant budget; and

  • Produce Federal Financial Report (FFR) and other required Grantor reporting

Staff Augmentation 

As a provider in healthcare staffing and management solutions, Destiny can provide the balance you need to effectively manage your staff and achieve your financial, operational, and clinical goals. We connect hospitals, Military Treatment Facilities (MTF), and healthcare providers with highly qualified, full or part-time healthcare professionals in a variety of specialized disciplines.

One very important measure of success is the ability to retain staff. While we have the same challenges as most in recruiting in remote areas, we have retained 98% of our contract staff. We have had instances where the staff has returned to us after illness or relocation because we treat our staff with care, equity, and excellent compensation and benefits.

Destiny bases employment, compensation, individual salaries, and promotion decisions on objective, job-related criteria in accordance with the principles of equal opportunity. We use valid requirements for personnel actions and decisions. Our salary and benefits package is competitive in order to retain qualified personnel. As a result, our salary information is typically derived from national benchmarks as well as prevailing state and local wages. Additionally, we offer a comprehensive benefits package, including: 401(k) plan, vacation and paid leave, comprehensive medical, dental and vision health plans, life insurance, disability, bonus, and accidental death/dismemberment coverage. We work closely with credentialing coordinators, senior recruiters, and hospitals or healthcare facilities' credentialing staff to obtain talented staff and ensure employees meet all required standards. In addition, we perform criminal background investigations through various state law enforcement entities.

Contracts Management

We have experience in planning, organizing, documenting and executing procurements through sealed bidding and negotiated solicitations for complex and critical contracts that are in conformance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and other regulations. Our staff has experience conducting cost/price analysis, developing agency negotiation positions, coordinating technical specifics of contract language, identifying potential problems with contracts, acting as liaison with senior management regarding complex problems in contract administration, and in contract closeout support. In addition we have experience tracking contract activity to ensure compliance with Federal and state regulations.

Further, Destiny staff has experience conducting cost/price analysis, developing agency negotiation positions, coordinating technical specifics of contract language, identifying potential problems with contracts, acting as liaison with senior management regarding complex problems in contract administration, and in contract closeout support.

Destiny has corporate and staff experience in providing financial and performance measurement services to its clients. We provide technical assistance in devising and implementing performance measures and related processes and systems, assisting with strategic and operational financial planning, resolving audit recommendations and assisting with implementing corrective actions. In addition, DMS has expertise in assessing the adequacy of strategic plans and assessing the adequacy of related performance measures, as well as assisting in reviewing and improving current processes.



Destiny has experience providing all aspects of conference management and logistical support including meeting design, site selection, registration, travel, audio-visual services, conference materials, event promotion, on-site logistical support and technical assistance, and post conference management tasks for meetings. In addition, we held a multiple award task order (MATO) with the Department of Education.

Medical Review Support

Our experience in quantitative financial analysis entails: analysis of capitation rates for Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial programs; development of fee schedules; review of actuarial capitation calculations; and analysis of monthly claims data. We have developed, in conjunction with clinical staff, disease management protocols for Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial populations. Specific protocols were developed for substance abuse, cancer, heart conditions, and obstetrics. For the Office of the Chief of Staff, WRAMC, Destiny was tasked with compiling over 11,000 pages of patient complaints, synthesizing each complaint and summarizing into a predetermined database. This highly visible task was mandated by Congress and subject to Congressional Review in response to the Washington Post articles pertaining to WRAMC. Destiny quickly deployed twelve staff, including a Physician, to conduct medical review of the more complex complaints.

Tasks include process development, training, project management, data entry, data analysis, and conformance with HIPAA and confidentiality regulations for protection of sensitive data. Destiny also provided analysis of summary data by type of complaint, common complaint, source of complaint, in-patient vs. out-patient and volume.

Asset Management Services

Destiny provides due diligence and support services of real estate loan portfolios related to workflow, data integrity, and final delivery of loan sales information. We evaluate and analyze performance of specific action plans for effective disposition of various loan assets; produce special reports pertaining to the financial condition, operations, trends, policies, and practices of the management; and dispose of real estate owned (REO) assets. We have knowledge of government mortgage loan programs, loan delivery and loan purchase. Our expertise includes knowledge in the primary and secondary mortgage market, as well as experience in mitigating credit losses, creating credit loss databases, determining credit worthiness and commercial loan portfolio management experience. Our staff has experience with the receivership life cycle that includes: initial due diligence, repackaging/restructuring assets, selling assets, and providing post closing services. We also have experience expediting the sale of remaining assets, developing a marketing image of assets, and developing loan packages for distribution to prospective bidders. Further, we are able to standardize asset data, track original valuation to sold valuation, track expenses and revenues, and develop computerized programs to track life cycle activities.

Real Estate & Property Management

Our experience includes operation and management of over 100 properties located in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. Our staff has managed multi-family and single-family properties through several HUD programs including Section 8 housing subsidy located in the District of Columbia and Maryland. Destiny has reviewed hundreds of title searches in connection with the closing of FHA insured mortgages. In the closing process, Destiny has reviewed the HUD-1 settlement sheet for compliance with FHA regulations for purchasers. Property management services include coordination of maintenance services, financial statement preparations, rent strike negotiations, landlord-tenant legal issues, and other related services. In an audit capacity, Destiny has reviewed non-profit entities offering HUD sponsored affordable housing programs to ensure their compliance with HUD Mortgagee letter 008.

Destiny has experience negotiating sales contracts for single-family and multi-family unit transactions, establishing eligibility for Conventional, VA and FHA 203-(b), FHA 203-(k) loan approvals and facilitating loan applications with area lenders. We have also coordinated loan documents with underwriters, arranged appraisals and home inspections and assisted potential buyers with the loan approval and managed the settlement process. Destiny staff has handled all financial aspects through closings of real estate transactions including negotiation of 1st mortgages and subordination of 2nd and 3rd mortgages in some cases. We have developed multi-family sales prospectuses for apartment buildings, and other commercial properties. We have both licensed real estate agents, mortgage brokers and settlement officers available to assist with the purchase and sales closing process.

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